Bubble Wrap & Beyond!

Is it just me or has bubble wrap soared in price?  For basically plastic-coated air it seems inordinately expensive!  By now I think I could have shares in the stuff!  Having realised that I’m going to need reams of bubble wrap I recently purchased a 100m roll and now half of my studio is taken up by a hay bale-size roly-poly of plastic-coated bubbles.  I guess by the time Pittenweem Arts Festival comes around my ‘stash’ will disappear all too soon.  I remember as a child the joy of discovering even a small piece of bubble wrap and  popping each bubble with delight or really pushing the boat out and twisting the bubble wrap to release a burst of multiple pops!  Now if anyone so much as looks like they might be thinking about popping just one single bubble of the precious material I swoop down like a bird of prey and retrieve it before any harm can be done.  So beware children/adults/pets, bubbles that are wrapped must stay wrapped!